Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday!

Chloe turned 4!  Hard to believe that our baby girl is growing up SO fast!  This year for her birthday she wanted to invite her friends.  Last weekend, July 14th we rented a princess bouncy house, which turned out to be amazing and super big fun!  The kids thought it was awesome, and even us adults got in on some bouncing action;)  Prior to having the friends show up we did a little family only lunch and had Chloe open her presents from us.  That turned out to be a really good idea because when she opened presents from friends it was all the friends in a circle helping open.  We could hardly keep track of what was from whom!  Chloe loved every minute of her friends being there and celebrating her birthday.  It was a hot day so all the kids brought and wore swimsuits.  We filled up water balloons and they ran through the sprinkler.  Once they were all wet the slide on the bouncy house got super slick and they were flying down it.  Thank goodness no one got hurt!  We also had bubbles which are always fun and a hit with kids.  Then it was cake and ice cream time - YUM!  The cake turned out amazing again this year!  Chloe wanted an under the sea Ariel cake and Amanda made it better than I could have even imagined!  Chloe loved it!  She said "well I kind of wanted it to be pink but it is blue because it's water!"

Chloe's present list:

Mommy & Daddy - Trouble, Slipe N Slide, Bathtub Mermaids, Princess Bucket and a puzzle.
Grandma - Pet Pals 2 Game, and Dresses
Nana & Poppy - SuperSoaker
Uncle Luke & Auntie D - Princess Stickers, 4 Little Dolls, Princess Frame and Hello Kitty Go Fish.
Uncle Jesse and Jill - Sundress and Necklace
Grammy - Precious Moments Tea Set and Doll
Grandma Sherry - Big GIANT Teddy Bear
Andy, Natalie and Trips - Magazine Subscription
Selah and Tatum - Furreal Friends Kitty and Bubbles
Chloe B. - Flying Tinkerbell
Sami & Joel - My Little Pony
Vanessa - Princess Umbrella and Bead Set
Izzy - Princess Doll
McCall & McGuire - Purse and Gloves, Coloring Book and Jewelry Game
Kariya - Dress and Strawberry Shortcake Memory
Samantha - Mermaid Barbie

She was one spoiled little girl!!!!

Now for the mass amount of fun pictures!!


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