Wednesday, July 4, 2012

May and June

I've been too busy lately SO I'm catching up on my month in photos for May and June!

May 2012

We celebrated May Day by leaving tulips on Grandma's doorstep.
Chloe and I went to visit and play with Natalie and the triplets.
We threw a SURPRISE 60th Birthday Party for Grandma with about 40 close friends & family.
Chloe had her last swim lesson.
We took Chloe to a fishing derby where she caught 2 fish.
We celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day.
We went to Chloe's last night/awards night at Cubbies.
Chloe attended dance class every Thursday.
We had Uncle Luke and Auntie D. over for dinner one Friday night.
Grandma, Chloe and I enjoyed the Mother's Day weekend in Coeur d'Alene!
Chloe went to her friend, Chloe B.'s house and discovered her missing kitty Ariel and she had kittens!
We got some devastating news about Grandma's health and have all been praying for her.
We enjoyed camping over Memorial Day weekend, even if it was only for 1 night.
Chloe attended preschool and ended the month with an end of year program and BBQ.

June 2012
Chloe performed in not 1 but 2 dance recitals in one day.
Clay's 3 aunts from Texas came to visit.
Clay's sister, Jessi graduated from High School.
I started back on 4-10's with Mondays off for the summer.
Chloe started summer Preschool/Playschool at Joan's.
Natalie and the triplets came to visit at our house.
My mom started chemo and radiation - she is doing amazing!
We celebrated my cousin, Brittany's graduation from collage.
Danita, mom and I went and saw the Broadway production of Mary Poppins.
We celebrated Father's Day.
Chloe attended Vacation Bible School the week of June 18-22.
My mom had ear surgery and it went really well.
Lauren took Chloe to the summer reading program at the Library.
Mom had her first MRI and it was nothing but good news.
Clay, Chloe and I went camping at Lake Ellen with the Morrison's.

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