Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lake Ellen Camping 6/29-7/01

Clay and Jesse have gone hunting the last two years up north in the mountains.  Last year they stayed in the snow in our trailer alongside a lake called Lake Ellen.  They said it was beautiful, so we decided to go camping there this year.  We had a fabulous time minus a minor incident and are already looking forward to going back again!  Clay, Chloe and I left on Friday morning and met Jesse, Jill and their doggies, Boozer and Captain, at camp.  There was only two other camp spots taken when we arrived and after the first night the one couple left so then we were there with just one other family.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  Jesse took his dad's little fishing boat so we were able to troll around the little lake in that.  It was gorgeous and we were the only ones on the whole lake - not that it was huge, but still!  There were a whole lot of fish in the lake which made fishing really fun for Chloe.  She casted her line out and reeled in a fish ALL BY HERSELF!  She actually caught a few fish - granted they were small and we let them go, but she had a blast.  We did some walking around and everything else fun that goes along with camping.  The final night we decided to tie the two dogs up and all 5 of us got in the boat for a little evening fishing trip.  When we got back to camp the other campers told us that Boozer had gotten off his leash and was roaming around.  We headed back up to our campsite and saw him - his snout was swollen completely huge on one side.  He was bit by a rattlesnake!  Jill and Jesse had to take him to the vet in Colville, which was not far away.  Boozer was ok thank goodness, but the whole thing about a rattlesnake being near us made me cringe!!  We never did see a snake, and I hope next time we camp at Lake Ellen we don't either!

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