Monday, August 13, 2012

Mammoth 7/24-7/28

On Tuesday July 24th we flew to Mammoth, CA. Well actually we flew to LA where our flight was cancelled so we drove the last 6 hours to Mammoth.  Clay's aunt and uncle had all of us Hammond's down to their home in Mammoth.  It was absolutely beautiful there!  It took all of us about a day to adjust to the high elevation, as we were over 8000 feet.  Once we adjusted and could breathe normally it was wonderful!  We went on beautiful hikes around the lakes, saw just a portion of Yosemite and rode the gondola to the top of Mammoth Mountain.  We did a lot of swimming at the pool, saw a bear, went to the village for a chili cook off/live band, and just had a really good time.  There was still so much to be seen but we had to fly home on Saturday the 28th.  Chloe was so sad to leave California and the Bilbao family.  She was such a good traveler the whole entire time and it definitely was a great vacation!  I hope we can return someday!


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  1. What a beautiful family you have! And I have never been to Mammoth, but it looks like a very gorgeous place! Crazy you saw a bear. We have them every night where I live and I never tire of it!;)


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