Monday, August 13, 2012

Pioneer Days Parade!

This year for Pioneer Days, Chloe and her friend, Chloe B. wanted to walk in the kiddie parade.  They dressed up as princesses and walked and threw candy.  When they ran out of candy they held hands and waved. They were way too cute!  After that we all watched the main parade and then walked around to the petting zoo and other vendors.  After Chloe took a nap I took her to the pool to swim since she had been asking me daily since the prior Wednesday when I took her.  She had SO much fun and it was great because her friend, Addie was there.  I got to catch up with Addie's mom, Sydney and the girls played and played in the pool.  It was hard getting Chloe out of the pool when it was time to go home. What a fun day!

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  1. Aaaw, I love little girls in dresses. How cute are they?!


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