Sunday, September 30, 2012


Tomorrow Chloe and I are starting our Halloween Countdown!  I found the idea on pinterest and thought it was so cute and fun that I had to make it!  So far I don't have all of the tins filled but ideas are spider rings, halloween stickers, puzzle pieces, sticker earrings and of course candy;)  I have to come up with some more clever ideas - maybe coupons for crafts and such.  We shall see!  YAY for October, Fall and Halloween!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

25 weeks

Well what they say is TRUE!  You definately get bigger faster with baby #2!  Here I am at 25 weeks in both pictures with the same clothes on.  Pic #1 with baby Chloe and Pic #2 with new baby. Darn:(

Sunday, September 23, 2012

4 Year Pictures

At the end of August, Chloe and I went to Manito Park to meet up with Angie, whom has taken Chloe's pictures since birth, to take her 4 year pictures. I always love the sweet captures that Angie gets and am not surprised that I also love how these turned out! Here is just a few of my favorites and to see more check out the link

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Skyhawks Soccer Camp

When I saw an ad in the local paper for a week soccer camp in Davenport for 3-4 year olds I immediately signed Chloe up!  I didn't think I could go wrong since it was right here in town, AND she loves socer!  She was excited about going since she has done Soccertots in the past.  Well it wasn't exactly quite as organized as Soccertots in Spokane, but it was still a fun little week camp for Chloe.  Her favorite part was when they split up into teams and played scrimmage.  Chloe had quite the advantage since she has done Soccertots and pretty much stole the ball every time and would make a goal.  At one point her friend McCall said "Chloe it's someone else's turn this time!"  And Chloe did as she asked and stayed back by the goal so she could have a turn;)  On the last day of camp they had silly sock day.  We didn't have any tall silly socks but thanks to Uncle Luke he went on a Walmart run for us and saved the day.  She loved silly sock day and her silly socks!




Swimming Lessons

Chloe had swimming lessons in August with Marlene again this year.  Marlene couldn't believe that she was even the same girl!  Chloe went from last year not even wanting to get her lips wet in the water to this year no fear and jumping off the diving board!  She was a maniac in the water this year.  She even swam under water for a couple of feet!  Since she did so good Marlene advanced her to a level 2.  I have no idea what go into our girl because even this winter when she took swim lessons at the YMCA she didn't want to go under at all!  Now you can't keep her above water - she is contantly jumping off the side (with a lifejacket on) and going under and swimming like a fish!  She would be happy to be at the pool everyday if she could!




Tuesday, September 18, 2012

24 Weeks & Camping.

24 weeks! 

Last weekend we went on our last camping trip of the summer:(  I am so not ready for camping season to be over! This time we checked out a new campground along Lake Roosevelt - Haag Cove, and loved it! It was us and 1 other couple camping in the whole campground, which was great, plus we were right on the water!  Clay's best buddy, Jesse went with us and while the boys went bow hunting in the mornings us girls slept in.  The first morning Chloe found a new friend, a chocolate lab.  The dog loved her and just followed her around for about 3 hours.  She said "well maybe his family was mean to him, so now we can take him home with us!" HAHA nice try baby girl!  Finally the owners came to claim the sweet dog and poor Chloe was crushed.  Saturday was such a nice day that the boys and Chloe even went swimming!  BRRR!  Jesse went hunting by himself on Saturday afternoon/evening so Clay, Chloe and I went on a mosquito filled hike;) The bugs were bad but we came about 50 feet from a buck!  It wasn't even spooked just stood there and looked at us.  Other than that we went on a scenic drive, Chloe rode her bikes and we roasted S'MORES!  It was a great last camping trip of 2012!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spokane International Fair!

This post unfortunately doesn't include any photos due to the fact that someone forgot their camera at home AND their cell phone was dead:(  ANYWAYS I still had to post about our annual Spokane International Fair Day!  Clay picked up me and Chloe up at work and from preschool at 11 and we headed up to Spokane yesterday.  The weather was not looking good - it was SUPER windy and with all of the fires completely smoky out.  We decided to go to lunch first and see if the wind would die down at all.  Let me just tell you that lunch was a bust, we would have been way better off with a corndog at the fair.  My salad had a fly in it and well Clay and Chloe's also was no good.  After that we went and got Chloe new tennis shoes for her growing feet.  By this time the wind is still really blowing but we decide to go anyways since we had promised Chloe!  Last year it was SO HOT at the fair that we didn't even stay long so the wind wasn't going to ruin our day.  We had so much fun this year!!  There was a little petting zoo that has never been there before where Chloe just loved the baby goats and the other little animals.  Then we went through the bunny barn and she LOVED them too - every bunny it was "aww look at this one, it's so cute!" "That one is so funny mommy, look at it's ears." After we checked out all of the animals, we got us some kettle corn and headed to the rides.  I did not think Chloe would do the rides as she has always been scared and not interested in them.  This year was not the case!  She only rode 3 rides as they were $3 a pop but loved every single minute!  Clay and I were laughing as she went up and down on this one ride, it was so funny watching her facial expressions and seeing how much fun our little girl was having!  So even though lunch was a bust and the weather was icky we had such a fun family day together!  It's moments like these that make you realize how fun little traditions like these can be. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preschool 2012-2013

Chloe started preschool again on Wednesday September 5th.  She was SO EXCITED to go!!!  We got her a new backpack that she adored and couldn't wait for the day to come so she could show all of her friends and teacher Joan.  She knew all of the kids from preschool last year or summer school except 1 little girl.  Daddy and I are looking forward to lots of fun "Chloe-made" projects this year!!  I know she will learn lots and love every minute!
 Chloe with friends Addie and Tatum

2012-2013 Preschool Class

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Water Park

Back at the end of July my friend, Angela and I took our girls, Chloe, Izzy and Kenzie to a new water park on the South Hill in Spokane.  It was very fun for the girls - they even had a water slide little enough for them to go on.  We spent the afternoon in the water and ended the day with frozen yogurt:)


Another busy month has come and gone.  I can't believe the summer is coming to an end already:(  Here is what all we did in August...

Clay, Chloe and I went boating one afternoon/evening.
Chloe started swim lessons with Marlene.  She did so well this year and graduated to Level 2!
Summer Preschool/Playschool continued at Joan's for the first two weeks in August.
Chloe did a week of soccer in Davenport through Skyhawks Sports and had lots of fun making goals!
Daddy harvested so we didn't see him a whole lot for a week straight and most weekends.
Chloe went to a week Dance Camp and learned a dance to perform at the fair. 
Mom had an MRI and the tumor has shrunk - praise the lord!
Chloe and I went to the Davenport swimming pool several times.
McCall and McGuire came over to play one afternoon.
I had another ultrasound and baby Hammond is looking great!
Our babysitter, Lauren went to college so we got a new babysitter, Kyra.  Chloe loves her!
We went to the Lincoln Co. Fair with Natalie and the triplets and Chloe performed her country dance on both Friday and Saturday nights.  She is still dancing and singing "I'm from the Country."
I took Chloe and her friend Addie to the movie theatre to see the movie "Brave."

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm from the Country!

Last weekend was the Lincoln County Fair!  Chloe attended a week long dance camp two weeks prior to the fair where they learned a country dance to perform.  They danced on both Friday and Saturday nights to Tracy Byrd's song "I'm from the Country, and I like it that way!" They all did such an awesome job and were SO cute!  Chloe is still dancing and singing to the song practically daily:)  Saturday was special because daddy took time off from harvest to come watch and we even got grandma to come watch!  So she had a fan club that also included Nana, Poppy and Grammie as well!