Tuesday, September 18, 2012

24 Weeks & Camping.

24 weeks! 

Last weekend we went on our last camping trip of the summer:(  I am so not ready for camping season to be over! This time we checked out a new campground along Lake Roosevelt - Haag Cove, and loved it! It was us and 1 other couple camping in the whole campground, which was great, plus we were right on the water!  Clay's best buddy, Jesse went with us and while the boys went bow hunting in the mornings us girls slept in.  The first morning Chloe found a new friend, a chocolate lab.  The dog loved her and just followed her around for about 3 hours.  She said "well maybe his family was mean to him, so now we can take him home with us!" HAHA nice try baby girl!  Finally the owners came to claim the sweet dog and poor Chloe was crushed.  Saturday was such a nice day that the boys and Chloe even went swimming!  BRRR!  Jesse went hunting by himself on Saturday afternoon/evening so Clay, Chloe and I went on a mosquito filled hike;) The bugs were bad but we came about 50 feet from a buck!  It wasn't even spooked just stood there and looked at us.  Other than that we went on a scenic drive, Chloe rode her bikes and we roasted S'MORES!  It was a great last camping trip of 2012!

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