Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Skyhawks Soccer Camp

When I saw an ad in the local paper for a week soccer camp in Davenport for 3-4 year olds I immediately signed Chloe up!  I didn't think I could go wrong since it was right here in town, AND she loves socer!  She was excited about going since she has done Soccertots in the past.  Well it wasn't exactly quite as organized as Soccertots in Spokane, but it was still a fun little week camp for Chloe.  Her favorite part was when they split up into teams and played scrimmage.  Chloe had quite the advantage since she has done Soccertots and pretty much stole the ball every time and would make a goal.  At one point her friend McCall said "Chloe it's someone else's turn this time!"  And Chloe did as she asked and stayed back by the goal so she could have a turn;)  On the last day of camp they had silly sock day.  We didn't have any tall silly socks but thanks to Uncle Luke he went on a Walmart run for us and saved the day.  She loved silly sock day and her silly socks!




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