Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spokane International Fair!

This post unfortunately doesn't include any photos due to the fact that someone forgot their camera at home AND their cell phone was dead:(  ANYWAYS I still had to post about our annual Spokane International Fair Day!  Clay picked up me and Chloe up at work and from preschool at 11 and we headed up to Spokane yesterday.  The weather was not looking good - it was SUPER windy and with all of the fires completely smoky out.  We decided to go to lunch first and see if the wind would die down at all.  Let me just tell you that lunch was a bust, we would have been way better off with a corndog at the fair.  My salad had a fly in it and well Clay and Chloe's also was no good.  After that we went and got Chloe new tennis shoes for her growing feet.  By this time the wind is still really blowing but we decide to go anyways since we had promised Chloe!  Last year it was SO HOT at the fair that we didn't even stay long so the wind wasn't going to ruin our day.  We had so much fun this year!!  There was a little petting zoo that has never been there before where Chloe just loved the baby goats and the other little animals.  Then we went through the bunny barn and she LOVED them too - every bunny it was "aww look at this one, it's so cute!" "That one is so funny mommy, look at it's ears." After we checked out all of the animals, we got us some kettle corn and headed to the rides.  I did not think Chloe would do the rides as she has always been scared and not interested in them.  This year was not the case!  She only rode 3 rides as they were $3 a pop but loved every single minute!  Clay and I were laughing as she went up and down on this one ride, it was so funny watching her facial expressions and seeing how much fun our little girl was having!  So even though lunch was a bust and the weather was icky we had such a fun family day together!  It's moments like these that make you realize how fun little traditions like these can be. 

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