Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Chloe had swimming lessons in August with Marlene again this year.  Marlene couldn't believe that she was even the same girl!  Chloe went from last year not even wanting to get her lips wet in the water to this year no fear and jumping off the diving board!  She was a maniac in the water this year.  She even swam under water for a couple of feet!  Since she did so good Marlene advanced her to a level 2.  I have no idea what go into our girl because even this winter when she took swim lessons at the YMCA she didn't want to go under at all!  Now you can't keep her above water - she is contantly jumping off the side (with a lifejacket on) and going under and swimming like a fish!  She would be happy to be at the pool everyday if she could!




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