Sunday, November 11, 2012


Halloween was so much fun this year!!  Chloe was the girl "Merida" from the new movie "Brave."  We could never remember the girls name so we just called her our "Brave" girl.  She loved the costume with it's big red wig, princess dress and bow n arrow set, just like daddy's!  On Halloween she had preschool and they celebrated by having a pajama day.  When I picked her up from school we went home and got dressed up so she could go down to Jillybeans to enter into the costume contest and drink hot cocoa with McCall and McGuire.  The twins came over to play for the afternoon after pictures and cocoa - the 3 of them were full of giggles all day!  Finally it was time to Trick or Treat and we hit more houses this year than ever before - Chloe loved it!

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