Monday, November 5, 2012

pumpkin carving or not...

The Sunday before Halloween we went to carve our pumpkins.  Chloe loved scooping out the seeds and guts this year and was really excited to carve.  Seriously though pumpkin carving just doesn't work with little kids!  Chloe really tried with her little tool, but quickly got frustrated.  Luckily I remembered that a few years ago I had purchased these little peg eyes, ears and noses that you can just stick into the pumpkins so I got them out!  She was happy again and with a some help from mommy we created a dog face, a pig face and of course her favorite a cat face!
Wondering about her outfit??  She is wearing an old dance costume of mine! I remember very much disliking that costume but Chloe loves it!  Her comment was "doesn't this look like a farmer outfit??!!"....hmmm??? Silly girl!

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