Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last post and any guesses?

This is my last post of 2012!  We are scheduled to have baby #2 on 12/31!!  I thought it would be fun to compare my belly bump from when I had Chloe...the top two pictures are pg with Chloe and bottom two pics pg with #2!  Personally I think my belly shape and everything looks pretty much the same only bigger with #2 which makes me think we are having another girl.  Everyone around me seems to think we are having a boy.  Chloe's heartbeat was always in the 160's, this baby has always been in the 150's.  With Chloe I gained 30-35lbs, with this one I have gained 25-30lbs, which seems strange since my belly is bigger!  I haven't gained any weight at the last 3 appointments even though I continue to eat for 2;)  With Chloe I craved pineapple and ice cream and didn't really like the smell of chicken.  This baby I never had any real cravings or disliked anything.  With Chloe I had acid reflux every day after lunch, this baby I have only had it a few times.  Baby #2 has been giving me more braxton hicks contractions and my hips hurt bad at night:(  SO with all of this said my pregnancies have been pretty similar...1 more day and we will know pink or blue for sure! 
PS according to the Chinese Gender Chart AND the needle on a thread above the wrist we are going to have a boy. 

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