Thursday, December 27, 2012



I got BOGS! 

Chloe enjoyed SoccerTots every Saturday morning.

We got a little bit of snow which Chloe enjoyed playing in one afternoon.

We celebrated Poppy's birthday and had dinner at Hammonds.

Chloe had preschool friend, Addie over for a playdate.

Chloe attended dance class every Tuesday night to practice for their upcoming Christmas routine.

Grandma Sherry had Chloe to play two afternoons while Grandma and I had Dr. Appts.

Poppy bought Clay, Chloe and I lunch at the annual church soup bazaar.

Clay, Chloe and I went to Disney on Ice with the Odenriders.

Grandma had an MRI and the results came back good which we are all so THANKFUL for!

We celebrated Thanksgiving and Auntie D's and Uncle Luke's.

Grandma, Chloe and I went out to Paul's to meet baby Max - Chloe and Trey had SO much fun playing!

I made it through weeks 31-34 of my pregnancy!

Chloe learned new letters, had a show & tell day and a class thanksgiving dinner at Preschool.

Chloe and I made a Chocolate Gingerbread House - we were too excited to wait until Dec!


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