Friday, February 22, 2013

1 Month

Miss Layla is 1 month old!  Where did the month go?!  Oh that's right we spent the month nursing, pumping, changing diapers, sleeping and then all of it over again.  I wouldn't change it for the world!  Layla has a bit of reflux and because of it is SUPER noisy when she sleeps, especially at night.  She just grunts and kicks.  Daddy says she "bucks and snorts." HAHA.  She slept on my chest for the first 2 weeks and after that we moved her into her own room to her crib.  I had mixed feelings about it because I knew the sooner I moved her into her own room and crib the sooner she would be a better sleeper and we would be getting better sleep!  BUT...on the other hand it's such a bonding experience having her so close.  I did this with Chloe to help my milk supply and it was great at first but then turned into a long time of not being able to sleep without mommy.  So I'm happy to report she is doing GREAT in her own room in her crib!  YAY Layla!  We are trying to work on a schedule but it's so hard when she refuses the binkie and just uses me to soothe herself.  I am basically nursing every other hour at this point it seems, except at night.  I am just enjoying the time home with her and know it will be over before I even know it. Happy 1 MONTH beautiful baby girl!

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