Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Barbie Party

Last Sunday (February 24th) we attended our 2nd annual Barbie Party!  Last year we went with Tami and Sami but they were unable to go with us this year, so we invited friends Sydney and Addisyn.  I was excited to spend the day with my Chloe girl as we left Layla home with daddy.  It was my first time away from her since being born!  All went well, I got to have a fun girls day with my big girl and Layla stayed happy for the few hours we were gone.  This years Barbie Party was at a different location than last year and it seemed a bit less organized.  BUT, the girls didn't seem to notice and had a super fun time anyways!  They met the "barbies," then danced, got their hair dyed, had flowers painted on their hands, made a craft, ate cookies, took pictures and went on a limo ride.     

  Check out the pink hair!

 Silly blue mouthed girls!!

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