Friday, February 22, 2013


First week home was full of firsts...first bath, first time in the swing, first bottle and the first of many sister cuddles.  My first week was a little less fun - I got mastitis:( SO the pumping began as I did with Chloe.  Pumping, nursing and pumping and nursing some more.  Then the weight check came and she didn't gain enough, then another weight check and still not back to her birth weight. Finally on the third weight check she gained past her birth weight up to 9lbs 6oz - yay!  I think we finally got this whole nursing and pumping all worked out and as many times as I wanted to give up on nursing I stuck it out!  My best friend, Natalie was a big support as she kept rooting me on and it kept me going. I figured if she could do it with triplets I could do it with one!  Layla is taking 1 formula bottle right before bed and then 1 in the middle of the night while I pump. I tried nursing at night but she just sleeps on me so it wasn't working for us. I am her soother - she will not take a binkie at all, just wants me.  It is fine and great with me for now but I wonder how she will do when I go back to work:(  Already not looking forward to that day when I have to leave my precious new baby and her big sister!



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