Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On the day you were born...

I  was starting to wonder if I would even make it to December 31st, especially after being up almost all night on Christmas with braxton hicks contractions, but I did!  So when December 31st arrived we were all ready to meet our new baby.  I called the hospital at 8am and the the c-section was still set for 11:00am so we left right away to be at the hospital at 9am for check-in.  It was great this time around because all through the pre-operation stuff Daddy, Grandma and Chloe were able to be in the room with me.  Daddy was freaking out AGAIN.  Even though he had been through this all once before with Chloe, he was still a nervous wreck.  Once they got me hooked up to an iv and I was ready for surgery I walked down to the operating room. I had an amazing nurse that was with me the whole time coaching me along.  Daddy had to wait outside while they did the spinal tap.  As it was with Chloe the spinal tap was the worst part!  The first dr. gave up trying and had another dr. come in and do it.  They put the numbing stuff in about 4 times which is so painful because it stings going in.  FINALLY they got it and as I laid down they started going to work.  I had to ask if they were getting my husband because it seemed like they forgot about him!  Daddy came in within seconds after me asking about him and he looked as white as a sheet - I thought he was going to pass out.  Then he got really emotional.  The next thing we heard is "baby has a ton of hair!" Really??!!  I couldn't believe it.  The baby was out - "IT'S A GIRL!!!!!"  We were beyond thrilled and so happy to add another baby girl to our family!  Daddy finally relaxed and we just stared at our black haired beauty.  With everyone thinking we were having a boy we had the name Cayson Wade picked out but as far as girl names - Daddy wanted Carly and I wanted Layla.  When our little girl was out - Daddy looked at me and said "well what's her name??" I looked at him and said "LAYLA!" I figured it was only fair since he picked Chloe's name:)  Layla Wade Hammond.  Her middle name is after Daddy's which is a fun family thing with his sister also having their dad's middle name.  AND since Chloe has my middle name I thought it would be fun for Layla to have her Daddy's.  Layla was born at 11:36am, weighing 8lbs 6oz and was 19 3/4 inches long.  I had a much better c-section experience this time, it went really fast and Layla stayed in the room and post-op recovery room with me the whole time.  With Chloe she was whisked away while I got stitched up and then I didn't get to see her for a couple hours while I was in recovery.  Layla immediately latched on and went to town eating.  We had a lot of family and friends come and visit and meet Layla while we were in the hospital which was so nice!  Big sister Chloe was exstatic to meet her little sister after a long 9 months and just wanted to hold her the whole time.  She didn't want to share her Layla with anyone. Our family is now complete!




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