Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baby Shower

On February 2nd, Natalie invited everyone to our house for a baby shower and to meet Layla.  It was such a fun time and Layla was totally spoiled by all who came!  So many people gave gift cards to go towards the next size up carseat for L because C's has recently been recalled which was SO nice! And I'm very excited about the Jumparoo that Natalie bought us!  Even as she was passed from one person to the next Miss Layla slept through her entire shower!  THANK YOU Nat for a FABULOUS day and shower!!!
The PARTY girl!

Natalie and Layla


Sherry with baby Elle, Auntie D., Lindsey and Nicole

Big sister and her baby Layla

With my besties Addie and Natalie
Kim, Layla and Vicki

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