Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Can't believe we are already into the 3rd month of this year!  My plan was to go back to work in March but since having Layla I have decided to take my full 3 months off!  I am just not ready to go back yet!  I want to enjoy every minute of this time as my girls are growing SO fast.  So what did we do in February?...
1.  Chloe learned the letters O, P and Q at Preschool.
2.  Natalie hosted a baby shower for me and Layla at our house.
3.  Chloe won the coloring contest in the Spokesman's Review and her picture was featured in the paper on Valentine's Day!  She got a certificate to Mobius for winning and can't wait to use it.
3.  We celebrated Valentine's Day.
4.  Bobby and Nicole were married and Chloe was delighted to be a flower girl.
5.  We celebrated Danita's birthday almost a month late.
6.  Chloe attended dance class every Tuesday and we were able to watch her practice on the last Tuesday of the month.
7.  Chloe and I attended our 2nd annual Barbie Party!
8.  Layla turned 2 months old!!
9.   Chloe swam her heart out at swim lessons every Saturday.
10.  Clay, Chloe, Layla and I had a fun family/date night out to dinner for Mexican!

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  1. I love the pictures of them together, so sweet! Makes me that much more excited for our new little one!


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