Sunday, April 21, 2013


This post is a tad late;)

March was my last month home with my girls. I'm sad that my maternity leave is up but am also looking forward to getting back into my work routine.  Here we go April!

  • We had Nic, McCall and McGuire over for a playdate/mommy date.
  • We celebrated Daddy's birthday!  He turned 32;)
  • We went to Morrison's for a bonfire with a bunch of friends.
  • Chloe had her last swimming lesson at the base.
  • Addie, Trey and Elle came over for an afternoon.
  • Chloe learned the letters R, S and T at preschool.
  • Layla had her 2 month check-up.
  • Chloe went to dance every Tuesday night.
  • We drove to Creston to have dinner with the Odenriders.
  • I went into work for a morning meeting and Nana watched the girls.
  • We met Angela, Izzy and Kenzie at Mobius for a playdate and lunch date.
  • We celebrated Nana's birthday and had dinner all together.
  • Ava came over for a playdate and the girls had such a fun time.
  • We went to the annual Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt.
  • He has risen! Layla was baptised on Easter and we had everyone over for lunch after church.

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