Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mobius and Lunch

On Sunday March 24 we met friends, Angela, Izzy and Kenzie at Mobius for a playdate.  We had Chloe's gift certificate to use from winning the Spokesman Review Valentine's Day coloring contest.  The girls had a ton of fun together like they always do and Angela and I got to catch up - it was great!
 Chloe cooking in the house!

 Layla concentrating - this was right before she had a huge blowout:(

 Pretending to be camping!

 Going down the slide all together!

 And again but on top of eachother!

  Silly girls!
And we even got to see the Easter Bunny!

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  1. Fun! It looks like they've got a new display. We went several times last year, but it was the same thing each time.

    Oh, and I usually blog on the weekend and just set them to post each day. :) Most of my family is in the South so I try to keep them updated. I also can't remember a thing unless I write it down so I try to be good about blogging! :)


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