Thursday, May 2, 2013


Last Monday C had a tball game in Harrington.  It was her first scheduled game after the opening ceremonies.  The kids had so much fun and they all did great!  It was so cute when our team was up to bat the kids were cheering each batter on such as "go Chloe go" "go Chloe go."  Well L was just watching intently on the kids cheering and then she started in cooing and kicking like she was cheering too:) We are so proud of our girl and her great hit - see video below! YAY #7 Chloe girl!
Playing a little catch before the game
C with her teammates
I think that helmet is a little small;)

Running to home plate

Waiting to take the field

Layla cheering for big sister!

Hit that ball #7!

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  1. This age playing tball has to be the cutest thing ever! Great pictures! And awesome hit Chloe!


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