Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekend in Seattle

Last weekend (April 12-14) we went to Seattle.  We left on Friday around 9:30am and arrived in Ellensburg to pick up Jessi from college around 12:00.  We saw Jessi's dorm room, ate lunch all together and then traveled on to Bothel where we stayed.  I was really worried about L crying in the car the whole entire trip but she did great!  She slept from Davenport to Ellensburg.  I fed her in Eburg and then she slept another hour or so after that.  She was ready to get out by time we got to our hotel but we all were;)  C has been counting down the days until our "vacation" and the first thing she wanted to do when we got to the hotel was to go swimming - so we did!  We met up with Clay's aunt, uncle and kids at the hotel and after swimming just hung out with everyone for awhile.  L was kicking around on the bed with the girls (Megan, Jessi and big sister C) and she just took off jabbering.  She went on and on it was so cute.  The next morning we all headed into Seattle to go to Pike's.  It was a really chilly day so we didn't spend much time there before going and warming up at a nearby coffee shop.  After that we ate a seafood lunch downtown before returning to our hotel for more swimming.  At 4pm we left for the wedding which was at the fairgrounds in Monroe.  It was a fun time at the wedding and the couple seemed very happy:)  Jessi left with us when it was time to leave and I'm very thankful she did because she had a GPS on her phone.  L was screaming and between Clay and I we would have been completely lost - it was a tad stressful but we made it back thanks to Jessi!  L was so tired - she didn't sleep good the first night being out of her routine and not in her own bed.  The second night was better but I could tell she was still tired.  She slept the whole way home on Sunday except for eating during the 1/2 hour that we stopped.  C even slept some of the way home!  It was great to get away but also great to be home and out of crazy Seattle traffic!

I left my SD card at home so only got pictures of us at Pike's:(

Pike's Place!
                                                                            The Crew!
Jessi and her mini me
Warm Donuts!
                                                                   Checking out the water
                                                                   Ferris wheel!
                                                                        Me and my C girl.

                                                           This is what L did at Pike's.
My favorite girls!

                                                                       Aunt Jessi and L.
                                                                       Hello C!
                                                         Daddy and L making the same face;) 

                                                                  Girls bundled up - brrrr!
The END:)

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  1. I always want to take little trips to places but I forget how un-relaxing vacationing w/kids can be! It IS fun but I'm always most happy to get home. :) looks like you guys had fun! Love the picture of you and the girls!!!


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