Saturday, May 25, 2013

38 years!

At the end of April my mom RETIRED!  She worked at the bank for 38 years.  It wasn't her first choice to retire but I think she is getting more used to the idea!  Right mom?? ;)

The bank hosted a FABULOUS open house party for her at the bank during the day and then an after hours party at the fairgrounds with food and wine.  So many people attended to wish her well on retirement.  We ALL know my mom is AMAZING and I think this showed her just how many people think it of her!  I'm sorry to say but no one will be able to fill her shoes at the bank - NO ONE!  
Love you momma - enjoy every minute - I know you will! 

I took a bunch of photos and made her a book of them all, along with things people said about her.  Here is one of my favorite photos of her with her bosses and then below is an article the bank wrote which I thought was very awesome. 

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