Friday, May 10, 2013


 Layla is 4 months old!! 
What she has been up to...
At the beginning of April we took L to the dr. for her reflux and she was put on zantac.  The dr. also told us to immediately go home and raise one side of her crib.  We did and along with the medicine our happy baby is even happier!  She is no longer arching her back during and after feeding time and she is also sleeping better. 
She likes to eat OFTEN:) (Reflux baby)
Sleeps 9-11 hours most nights.
Is a short napper (20-40 mins each time)
We have found Target diapers to be key (she had blowouts everytime with Huggies)
Has the cutest giggles and is full of smiles
Tries to suck her thumb but still hasn't figured it out completely.
Always has her hands in her mouth.
Drools quite often.
Loves bathtub time.
Wants to be held facing outward because she likes to be able to see EVERYTHING.
Likes to nap on mommy in the Moby wrap.
Still referred to as Chunkie Monkey:) Chloe calls her Layla Boo.
Loves her family - mommy, daddy, sister, grandma, nana and poppy.

4 month dr. visit stats:
Height: 26 1/2 - 98%
Weight: 17lbs 5 oz - 95%
Head: 16 1/2 - 90% 

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  1. Wow that's awesome that she is so happy even w/reflux! I had a friend ego had a very fussy baby b/c of that.


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