Saturday, May 11, 2013

April 2013

April flew by with me back to work and all of Chloe's extracurricular activities going on!  Check out what else we were busy with in April...
I went back to work and it was SPRING BREAK for Chloe.
Angie took Layla's 3 month pictures.
Chloe started T-ball! 
We drove to Seattle for a wedding.
Chloe learned the letters X, Y and preschool.
T-ball Opening Day (introduction of the teams, pictures and a game)
Chloe attended dance class on Tuesdays.
We registered Chloe for KINDERGARTEN!
Celebrated mom at her Retirement Party!
Clay and I went to the annual Preschool Auction.
AND now on to MAY!

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  1. Great pictures! I love the one of her # and the fence! I'll have to remember to get one like that. :)


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