Monday, May 6, 2013


Here we go APRIL...

1. Play. (first time in the exersaucer and loving it!)

 2. Blue. (eyes)

 3. Something beginning with A. (Ariel! Her favorite princess)

 4. This happened today. (Layla went to work with me for a bit)

 5. Something good. (Clay's breakfast pizza with sour cream on top - DELISH!)

 6. Air. (Ready for camping and sleeping in the pod on a baby sized AIR-mattress)

 7. Dreamy. (Grandma cuddles are the best!)

 8. On your plate. (Shrimp and cheese raviolis - yum!)

 9. Tiny (fingernails that make clipping scary!)

 10. Place. (Sitting atop a big stack of chairs at mommy's work)

 11. Detail.

 12. In the middle. (of our hotel bed just playing)

 13. View from my bed. (The hotel bed that is.)

 14. Water. (L loves splashing in her bathtub!)

 15. Alone. (Single diaper changes.)

 16. My favorite color.

 17. Busy. (playing in her doll house.)

 18. HELLO!

 19. Button. (baby L's belly button and a pink heart button on her jeans.)

 20. On your mind. (Tball!)

 21. Fire. (#7 was on fire with her hitting at Thursday's game!)

 22. Blurry. (shakin' her rings.)

 23. Time. (for Kindergarten Registration!)

 24. I saw this person today. (my mama! Shopping and pedicures!)

 25. Life is...(SO good!!! Especially when I get to bring lala to work with me!)

 26. Childhood. (when it's OK to have the most chubby lil' legs!)

 27. Earth. (Chloe Kay's little piece of earth.  She planted the seeds at preschool and in a couple weeks look how much it has grown!)

 28. My Sunday. (cleaned out and organized the pantry - bet you are all jealous;))

 29. I wore this today. (my baby in the moby wrap for the first time! She crashed in about 5 minutes and slept for 2 hours. I love how she has her hand up to her mouth - so sweet.)

 30. Glasses.

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