Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Camping

This weekend we took the trailer out for the first time this year to go camping!!  Chloe LOVES camping and we heard about it non-stop for the couple days before we left.  We went to Hutsell's property down at the river this year - which we have never been before.  The view is AMAZING and it is so beautiful down there.  We had such a great time and I think Layla is going to be just like big sister about loving camping.  She did so well, just hung out most of the time taking in all of the fresh air and never taking her eye off of Chloe.  The weather wasn't supposed to be very nice but Saturday was gorgeous, it even got hot!  There were a few sprinkles but nothing like they had predicted.  We had packed for cold weather so we were a little over dressed but we managed just fine. 

The kids playing on the big rocks - this made mommy and daddy a bit nervous!!
Talking to her monkey!
Check out the beautiful view in the background!
Layla's make-shift crib..Daddy said no pack n play to save on room so instead of laying the back of the couch down for a bed we kept it up so she was between the wall and the couch side - perfect!  AND she slept through the night both nights!  Till 8am this morning even.
Woke up the next morning to go fishing!
fishing with daddy

Layla snoozing - she spent a lot of time in the moby this weekend.
I see a worm but no fish!

The view again

She loves coloring

Denton and Chloe looking for the baby coyotes - there were 3.

Here is 1 of the little guys


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