Thursday, May 9, 2013

T-BALL Opening Day

On Saturday April 20th we had T-Ball Opening Day at the football field.  They introduced all of the teams and the players, had a hamburger/hotdog feed, took pictures and then each team played a game.  It was a windy day so when our game came around at 2pm we only played 2 innings instead of the 3 they normally would play which was just fine!  Plus the other team had already played a game since there is an uneven number of tball teams and they wanted each team to be able to play on opening day.  The kids did great and it was a fun way to open the season!

Ready to play some ball!

Trying to figure out what sister is doing.

waving at the crowd - lol!

Some of the teams

Chloe waving as she is announced.

Our Team!  GO Dbacks!

Taking the field at their first game
Hi Chloe girl!
First time up to bat!

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  1. She's a good little player! I always try to talk T into playing only 2 innings. They do great for the first two and it seems like on the 3rd everything falls apart. We had kids tossing their gloves in the air and rolling around on the ground while the ball was in play! Lol.


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