Thursday, June 27, 2013


I haven't posted anything in two weeks (besides the 1 wordless Wednesday) and you may ask why and where I have been.  This little thing has been happening - it's called LIFE!  We have been SO BUSY the last two weeks with vacation bible school, camping, another week of vacation bible school, swim lessons, dentist appointments and everything else in between.  On top of it all I have finally after 2 months been starting to move back into my office in Davenport.  It still smells of leftover smoke, fresh paint and new carpet and everything is in chaos as we try and sort out boxes.  Slowly I'm sure it will get better.  So there you go that's why I have been absent!  Did I mention that C shared a cold with all of us as well?  I'm so hoping to get pictures up this weekend of our little dance recital girl, our fabulous camping weekend and a few other in between pics!  AND guess who will be 6 months this weekend?!  It's supposed to be super HOT here this weekend so ENJOY!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to an amazing daddy and father to my precious girls.  Chloe and I made the all about my DAD card again this year and I'm happy to report that Clay aged 10 years this year;) HAHA! I love to hear C's responses and see how they change year to year.  I'd say she knows her daddy pretty darn well;)  Love you Daddy!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

More May in Instagrams

First photo on my new phone!
I am going to miss this one today!  No going home to see her on my lunch:(
We may have a future volleyball player on our hands!  This girl is in the 98th percentile for height at 4 months - 3% taller than our Chloe girl was at 4 months!

To the mother/daughter banquet we go!

My Mother's Day card!

Grandma Sherry shared this photo with me of Chloe.
#wheredidthetimego #throwbackthursday #teaparty #toehead

Why would I need a binky when I have grandma's finger?!
#nobinkynecessary #ilovegrandma

Good Sunday morning from my little birdie;)

"I'm a country girl!" she tells me as she puts on her hat and goes outside to drive her gator.

Dance pictures tonight.  Hope my yesterday braiding session gives us some good crimp!
#braids #crimpedhair

And since we couldn't leave L out she got her first piggies.

Can't wait to see these kiddos dance at their recital next month!

Enjoying some fresh air regardless of the rain!

This girl cried the whole way to town this morning but crashed as we pulled into the parking lot.
#tiredgirldidntwanttogiveitup #lovethosechubbycheeks

First haircut!  Goodbye long stranded sides.
#firsthaircut #lovethosechubbycheeks

Sunday, June 9, 2013

If I were a butterfly...

Last Sunday Chloe sang at church.  We haven't been in a few Sundays so I was impressed at how well she learned the song and hand motions in just one practice.  She always seems to make me proud!  Here they are.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


On May 31st Layla turned 5 months!!  She is getting to have quite the little personality now which is so fun.  We started feeding her foods at the beginning of May and she has really taken off with eating.  When Chloe was little I just bought baby food but with Layla I have been trying to make things. After a couple weeks of rice cereal and then oatmeal we tried squash.  It took a couple times but then she really started liking it.  Next was pears and avocados.  She loved both of those.  Last week we tried sweet potatoes and apples and she liked both of those as well.  I'm thinking she will not be a picky eater just like big sister.  Here is what else she has been up to...

LOVES her jumparoo!!

Sleeps from 7:30-5/6am (10ish hours)

Takes 2-4 naps a day usually short in length.

Chews on everything - we are waiting for that first tooth!

Rolls over occasionally.

LOVES her sippy cup - we help her with it.

Getting good at grabbing for objects.

Pulls daddys beard with all of her might:)

Knows her name and turns to you when called.

Gives hugs and kisses - or so we call them that.

Has a bit of stranger danger going on with new faces.

Still referred to as chunky monkey or Layla Boo.

Blows bubbles, giggles and likes to tell stories;)

Thursday, June 6, 2013



1. I bought this! (New kickers;)) #ilovecostco
2. Morning Ritual (sister snuggles in mommy's and daddy's bed.) #crazyhair #sisters
3.  This is really good. (New phone and jambox!  Now you can actually hear me when you call!) #samsungs4
4.  In my cup (single vanilla latte with half the flavor - my fav!) #ilovecoffee
5.  Paper (Baby gift wrapped in tissue PAPER for @mamabearmurdock's shower today!)
6.  Broken. (Electrical fire in the night at my office.)
7.  Something beginning with F. (FUN and FABULOUS birthday dinner with FAMILY! Happy Birthday Grandma!!)
8.  Shape (4 of these CIRCLE bandaids for her 4 month shots today - poor baby!)
9.  A snack (I love kettlecorn!) #sweetandsalty
10.  Stars
11.  A smile (Jessi 7 months/Layla 4 1/2 months) #twinsies #ilooklikemyauntie
12.  Mother (SO blessed to be called mommy by these two beautiful girls!) #ilovebeingamommy #ilovemygirls
13.  Sunrise/Sunset (sunrise!)
14.  Need (I need more days like today - home with my girls!) #bestdays #danceparties #pajamastillnoon
15.  7 o'clock (relaxing on her couch playing a game)

                                                                       16. Mailbox
17. Season (SPRING!)
18. Want (I WANT some food mommie - I'm starving!!!) #ricecerealforthefirsttime #chunkiemonkey
19. My favorite view (nothing sweeter than a little girl and her daddy cuddled up together!)
20. Light (Layla Wade with her soothe & glow seahorse.)
21. I care about this. (That my girls stay silly and continue to make each other laugh as they grow up together!)
22. Change (from braids to crimp - ready for dance pics!)
23. Pjs (matching pjs!)
24. Go (packed up and ready to GO camping!!!)
25. Us (drawn by CK. When I asked why we didn't have noses she said "because I wanted us to be pretty like princesses!") #shemakesmelaugh
26. Fave thing to do on Sunday (coffee, camping, sunshine, giggles, all with both of my babies)
27. Can't live without (a good nap!)
28. What you're doing right now (washing dishes and listening to giggling girls as C pushes L around the house in the highchair.) #lovemygirls
29. Kiss (her baby doll) #kissgoodbyetoms
30. Tool (thanks work for the new buck knife!)
31. Four things (hoping one of these is going to help soothe my teething girl!)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jumparoo girl

Layla LOVES the Jumparoo!! She loves it just about as much or more than big sister Chloe did.  This one looks exactly like the one we borrowed with Chloe but it's not the one.  I saw this one at a garage sale a little over a month ago and for $5 couldn't pass it up!  The front lights didn't work but as you can see from the video she doesn't even notice it gone.  We just attach other toys and such and watch her go to town bouncing.  She would be happy in the Jumparoo pretty much all day in between feedings, diaper changes and naps;)  Since I brought it home a month ago she has been jumping in it ever since!