Saturday, June 8, 2013


On May 31st Layla turned 5 months!!  She is getting to have quite the little personality now which is so fun.  We started feeding her foods at the beginning of May and she has really taken off with eating.  When Chloe was little I just bought baby food but with Layla I have been trying to make things. After a couple weeks of rice cereal and then oatmeal we tried squash.  It took a couple times but then she really started liking it.  Next was pears and avocados.  She loved both of those.  Last week we tried sweet potatoes and apples and she liked both of those as well.  I'm thinking she will not be a picky eater just like big sister.  Here is what else she has been up to...

LOVES her jumparoo!!

Sleeps from 7:30-5/6am (10ish hours)

Takes 2-4 naps a day usually short in length.

Chews on everything - we are waiting for that first tooth!

Rolls over occasionally.

LOVES her sippy cup - we help her with it.

Getting good at grabbing for objects.

Pulls daddys beard with all of her might:)

Knows her name and turns to you when called.

Gives hugs and kisses - or so we call them that.

Has a bit of stranger danger going on with new faces.

Still referred to as chunky monkey or Layla Boo.

Blows bubbles, giggles and likes to tell stories;)


  1. Such a cutie pie! I saw that you guys did swim lessons on base. Did you like it there?

  2. Adorable photos! And she has what I call "rubber band arms", soooooo cute!


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