Thursday, June 27, 2013


I haven't posted anything in two weeks (besides the 1 wordless Wednesday) and you may ask why and where I have been.  This little thing has been happening - it's called LIFE!  We have been SO BUSY the last two weeks with vacation bible school, camping, another week of vacation bible school, swim lessons, dentist appointments and everything else in between.  On top of it all I have finally after 2 months been starting to move back into my office in Davenport.  It still smells of leftover smoke, fresh paint and new carpet and everything is in chaos as we try and sort out boxes.  Slowly I'm sure it will get better.  So there you go that's why I have been absent!  Did I mention that C shared a cold with all of us as well?  I'm so hoping to get pictures up this weekend of our little dance recital girl, our fabulous camping weekend and a few other in between pics!  AND guess who will be 6 months this weekend?!  It's supposed to be super HOT here this weekend so ENJOY!!

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  1. Isn't it so funny how summer gets so busy?? Every year I think, Oh I can't wait for summer so our schedule can slow down, and every year I am surprised that the opposite happens!!!


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