Monday, June 10, 2013

More May in Instagrams

First photo on my new phone!
I am going to miss this one today!  No going home to see her on my lunch:(
We may have a future volleyball player on our hands!  This girl is in the 98th percentile for height at 4 months - 3% taller than our Chloe girl was at 4 months!

To the mother/daughter banquet we go!

My Mother's Day card!

Grandma Sherry shared this photo with me of Chloe.
#wheredidthetimego #throwbackthursday #teaparty #toehead

Why would I need a binky when I have grandma's finger?!
#nobinkynecessary #ilovegrandma

Good Sunday morning from my little birdie;)

"I'm a country girl!" she tells me as she puts on her hat and goes outside to drive her gator.

Dance pictures tonight.  Hope my yesterday braiding session gives us some good crimp!
#braids #crimpedhair

And since we couldn't leave L out she got her first piggies.

Can't wait to see these kiddos dance at their recital next month!

Enjoying some fresh air regardless of the rain!

This girl cried the whole way to town this morning but crashed as we pulled into the parking lot.
#tiredgirldidntwanttogiveitup #lovethosechubbycheeks

First haircut!  Goodbye long stranded sides.
#firsthaircut #lovethosechubbycheeks

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  1. Your girls are sooo precious! And yay for a new phone. Lately, I have been taking most of my pics with my phone and really really need a new one!


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