Monday, July 8, 2013

crazy busy week...

Two weeks ago was one of those crazy busy weeks!  Chloe started swim lessons and had them everyday at 4pm.  On top of that she was going to vacation bible school.  And then on Wednesday both her and I had dentist appointments in Spokane.  On Wednesday we were literally running all day long.  Luckily last week was more relaxed and not as busy!

After camping all weekend with best bud Trey she soooo wanted him to come to vbs with her.  Well on Tuesday we made it happen!!  They were extremely excited to spend a couple hours together - it warms my heart so much seeing these two together!!

Getting her teeth cleaned...and then the bad news...a cavity:(

Getting her cavity filled.  She was such a brave girl!  I told her I was so proud of her that she didn't even cry when she got a shot.  She said "well I cried 1 tear mommy." Awww bless her little heart!

AND thanks to Chloe she thought we needed a pic of mommy getting her teeth cleaned too:) HAHA

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  1. Were these private lessons? I need to get my girls in some more.


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