Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fun

Last Friday we drove down to Creston for Chloe's last swim lesson.  She did great and has sure come such a long ways since she started lessons with Marlene 2 years ago!  At that time she wouldn't even get her mouth or hair wet.  Now she is jumping off the diving board and swimming under water a little.  Chloe did lessons with Joel again this year so after lessons we went to Odenrider's for dinner.  It was a great time and the kids always have so much fun together!  Joel LOVES Layla, he wanted to play with her and feed her - it was too cute! Cheyne is painting this golf cart for his father-in-law and the kids wanted Clay to drive them around and around and around.  Finally he took them across the street to the ball field told them to get off and he drove off.  It was hilarious watching them scurring after him.  I believe a wedding even took place that night between Chloe and Joel;)  The both of them were all dressed up for the occasion but then later she told us she married Sami not Joel.  LOL!

Ready, Set, JUMP!
Joel and Laylabug

Hitchin' a ride on the golf cart

Again daddy!

And they are off...

Even L rode and not too long after this pic crashed out on daddy

Their awesome water slide!

Love these kiddos!

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