Monday, July 15, 2013


1. B is for…(braids)
2. A moment (with grandma)
3. On your table (a bucket of markers)
4. After dark (this is the only sound you will hear after dark at the Hammond house…most nights;))
5. Environment (Chloe’s growing caterpillars)
6. Transport (big and little both fit in the bike trailer/stroller for easy transporting)
7. Bright (loving the bright sunshine today!)
8. An animal (grandma’s Bootsie, who lets C pack him around)
9. From down low (baby toes)
10. You! (And one of my girls of course!)
11. Something funny (found her toes! They must taste good!)
12. 11 o’clock (received this text from our fabulous babysitter with a caption of “nothing makes her giggle as much as big sister!” Love it!!)
13. Kitchen (Miss C thinks she needs a new “big girl kitchen”)
14. Texture (new concrete poured today – finally going to have a patio!)
15. From above (girls being silly in the boat – we made the maiden voyage with no glitches!)

16. Family (Love them SO much!)
17. Centered (Chloe trying out the Moby with HER baby)
18. Street (2 months of commuting here 5 days a week is coming to an end Thursday!)
19. Currently reading (“You are my Cupcake” to L…who is as this page reads “my honey roasted peanut”)
20. Cute
21. Lunchtime (avocados=yum!!)
22. Enjoying life (on their scooters)
23. Last (day of a fun camping weekend)
24. Negative space (swim lessons today)
25. Sharp (Getting that darn little cavity drilled out)
26. Empty (sweet potatoes and corn for dinner! Do you think she wants more??)
27. Into the sun (fly little butterflies!)
28. Red (waterslide!)
29. In my bag (diapers and wipers…necessities!)
30. Handwriting

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  1. Agh! I still haven't done this! And I love how you put all the photos together. So cute. Love Chloe with her baby in the wrap. :)


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