Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Layla 6 months

Layla is 6 months!!  Unbelievable that she is half-way to her first birthday! 
Here is what she has been up to this month...
 - sits up like a champ
-loves her first and some second foods as long as it's veggies
 - does not like fruits
 - loves playing in the bathtub especially if big sister is in with her
- tolerates the car seat now that we switched to the Britax
- loves being outside
- wants to be entertained most of the time
 - goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes around 5:30 (had a week of night wakings this month:()
- loves her sophie the giraffe chewy
 - Chloe can always make her giggle
 - had her first cold at the beginning of June:(
- is always happy in her jumparoo or bouncing in the exersaucer
- pulls her hair when she is tired and rubs her eyes
We scheduled her 6 month appointment for next month when big sister has her 5 year check-up so we could do them together.  So I will have stats then!

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