Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Happy Saturday from our big girl sitting on her own!

This is what happens when you think the oatmeal is out of reach so you turn to help big sister. #igotthismom #feedingherself

Why do bad sleeps always happen on Sunday night?  They both sleep thru the night until bam Sunday night...wonder if they know I will be leaving them in the morning?  Guess I can't complain about being cuddled up between these two for a few hours;) #nosleepformommy #lovemygirls #cuddlebugs

Grandma and Layla Wade #daddysminime #lovethesetwo

Ready for vbs!  Sooo excited to spend the day with her buddy Trey!

Layla's first time in a shopping cart! #photofail #bothhavetheireyesclosed

Another first today - meat! Sweet potatoes and turkey. Yummo:) #chunkiemonkey #notpicky

This girl is already halfway to her 1st birthday! Happy 6 months Layla Wade! #6months #looksjustlikedaddy
Best flower planting helper!  This pot she did all by herself!

She is absolutely adorable and extremely precious!!  C
Chloe wants to know if we can bring Raylee home?;)

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  1. Love the one of them sleeping. Our kids kind of do the same thing...sleep till 8-9 on the weekdays, but on Saturday when we can sleep in, of course they are up at 7!!! I swear they plan it!


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