Friday, July 12, 2013

Twin Lakes Camping Trip

WARNING...picture overload;)
We went camping in June with friends at Twin Lakes.  We have never camped there so at first it seemed to be an adventure but then after we got things worked out it was a SUPER fun weekend!  The camp spaces were packed in close and we were in between cabins.  Plus we were in front of summer cabins or peoples houses!  Surprisingly for how closely packed in there we were and all the people it was very quiet at night!  The weather was decent, we had some rain drops but overall it was fine.  It wasn't quite warm enough to do much swimming but instead the kids did a lot of fishing which was fun for all.  It was just so great to hang out with our friends and watch the kids play.  Our Carstensen family friends are moving this summer so this was a great chance for us all to hang out before the big move!  Trey and Chloe got some awesome buddy time - they were inseparable which was so fun and cute to watch! 
The view from our campsite

So big;)


nightly movie time

good morning chit chat session

pillow fight!

love their giggles

hanging out


1 of the 3 fish she caught

good job C!

daddy and Layla - same expression?!

more fishing

push-up pops!

3 messy faces

hi friend!

chewing on their sophies

juice break

catching some guppies

fishing again

chunkie monkey

glow moo-staches

fishing with the daddys

where Layla spent a lot of her days - love the moby!



  1. This looks SO fun! Did you rent a cabin?? We've been on the lookout for a good camping spot. This one looks great!

  2. I just looked at these pictures closer and realized you are in a camper...I thought that one picture looked like you were in a room of some sort. :)

  3. I LOVED looking through these and reliving our super fun camping trip! THANKS for posting, Linds!


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