Monday, August 5, 2013

July Photo a Day

JULY...another fabulous month!
 1. Happiness is...(the love between these two sisters!) #sisters
2. Shoes (admiring herself in the mirror with her mama sized heals on.) #highheals #shoeaddictat5
3. Cold (brrr the splashpad water is freezing!) #doesntbotherher
4. Red, White & Blue (4th of July glowstick) #happy4thofjuly
5. Love (my two girls more than I ever thought possible!) #daughtersarethebest
6. Your fave smell (a clean baby)
7. Where are you (Splashpad!!)
8. Path (had to clear a toy path to get to bed last night) #lookslikeabombwentoff #funwithfriends
9. 3 Things (3 different unicorn balloons) #birthdayparty
10. Smooth (as a baby's butt;))
11. I wore this (lovin' the new lime green scarf!)
12. A bad habit (taking too many pictures Chloe would say;))
13. 4 o'clock (silly girls!)
14. Edible (Chloe's FIRST sack lunch packed and ready for vbs! #biggirl
15. Outside the window

16. Bottle (When nursing isn't an option!)
17. Inspirational (nothing more inspirational than my momma!!!) #lovemymom
18. Number (go fish!) #shealwaysbeatsme
19. Building (C was spoiled with a birthday present from Uncle Bill, Aunt Merilee, Danielle and Henry this weekend - Barbie house and 2 princess barbies!) #spoiled #lovesherbarbies
20. HOT (trying to cool off together in front of a fan after the parade) #sisters #toohot
21. Fav food (C's is blueberries)
22. Grey (Layla's blankie) #chevron #blankielove
23. I drew this! (Chloe)
24. D is for...(DUMBO! C's favorite movie at the moment) #wantstowatchiteveryday
25. Ground (her tummy is never on the ground anymore.  Just waiting for the day she takes off crawling!) #scootinbackwards
26. The everyday (Chloe at the pool) #waterbaby #summerfun
27. Black + White (I see a little laylabug under that bonnet) #chubbyfingersandtoes
28. This is new! (handme down floatie from auntie Natalie - she loved it!!) #waterbaby
29. Perspective (lunchdate in the park with some swinging = a great afternoon!)
30. Friendship (Hope they always love each other not only as sisters but as friends) #sisters
31. Workspace (at the good ol' DOT)


  1. Way to go bud! Such a hard month, but you did awesome!

  2. Such cute pictures. Love the "smooth" one. Haha :)


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