Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pioneer Days Continued...

After walking around awhile and grabbing a bite to eat after the parade we headed to our house to cool down. At 2pm Poppy made an appearance in the cannon ball contest so we went to the pool to watch that. Then it was party time…we had everyone (18 adults and 6 kids) over for a taco bar feed. The weather was perfect for us all to hang out on the patio and watch the kids, chat and eat. I think it was a fabulous time had by all!! I am so grateful for our family and friends especially when we are able to spend time like this together. SUCH a fun day!

Poppy rockin' the coconuts or as C would say "Poppy is wearing a bra!!"

Cheering on Poppy with McCall and McGuire

GO Poppy!!  He didn't win but he is always a winner to us!

Nakey babies!  This pic cracks me up - looks like C is saying ok guys...

Swing set fun!

Henry is such a cutie patotie!

Time to get a swing set Natty!!

LOVE this picture of the girls - I see their momma so much in this one!

The one pic I got of them both looking at me:)
All of the girls together S, C, L & O!


  1. Fun! Are the triplets your nieces/nephew or just friends?

  2. Haha, yes, we totally have to get a swing set now! Love all your pics!


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