Sunday, August 11, 2013

River Fun

Two Sundays ago we all headed down to the river for the afternoon...Mommy, Daddy, Chloe, Layla, Grandma, Nana, Poppy and Aunt Jessi.  We got the perfect spot on the beach and the boat was ready to go.  Chloe and I were excited to try out this new double tube that we got from Art and Carolyn.  Layla LOVED getting in the water with Chloe and had SO much fun in the floatie that Auntie Natalie let us borrow.  When we put her on the beach to play in the sand she did what every typical baby would do and put a handful of sand in her mouth -yucky!  When Chloe and I were ready to go tubing we got on the tube and as the boat pulled away from the docks it kept dying.  The week before Nana and Poppy had it out and drove it all over the lake and now it was not running:(  Clay and I think we are bad luck around the boat because we always seem to have problems with it - UGH!!  Jessi had to jump in and pull us back to the dock.  Even though the boat didn't run we had a great time just hanging out at the beach together!! 
 My two water babies swimming
I LOVE this picture!!

Let's eat some sand!
 Ready to go tubing with my girl!
 Holding the flag while Jessi pulls us to shore:(
 Swimming with Poppy!
Hanging with Auntie
 Jumping off the dock with Nana

Snuggling into daddy - ready for a nap!


  1. That last picture is too sweet for words! Love it.

  2. Love the pic of you and Chloe on the tube! Made me laugh:-).


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