Monday, September 30, 2013

Project Life

Chloe and I started a Project Life album for her to document her Kindergarten year.  So far she is having SO much fun with it and I love seeing how creative she gets with each page.  I can't wait to look back at the end of the year and see how much she has progressed with her letters, numbers, reading and writing.  I will keep posting as we go along through the year!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Addition

We have a new addition to our family...Maggie.  Clay and I have been going back and forth for almost 2 years (since Cole died) about whether or not to get another dog or not.  Chloe was still talking about Cole almost daily so we knew we needed to get her a dog.  We finally went and look at these lab puppies last weekend.  We fell in LOVE, they were all so mellow and friendly and they were raised around kids which was a super plus.  They had 2 yellow labs and 3 black labs.  Chloe just gravitates towards black labs because she loved Cole so much.  And this time she of course wanted a girl:)  So there you have it Clay outnumbered even more, 4-1 now.  Maggie is such a sweetheart and she is fitting right into our little family so perfectly.  We all love her!  Welcome to the family Maggie!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

September in Instagrams

Our September in Instagrams...
Bath time!

This is a video on instagram...she learned to ride her bike without training wheels! 
YAY Chloe!!

C was soooo excited to ride the bus for the first time this morning.  We were waiting for it since 7am;)  She now rides the bus every morning and loves it!

A couple books, a few songs and two tuckered girls out before 8pm.

How we roll at the fair.

Chicken nugget lunch date at the school cafeteria with our girl!

Already getting love notes on the bus...awww.

Our new addition...Maggie!!  Chloe is in LOVE:)

Sunday afternoon snooze.

Sweet Maggie girl.

Ahhhhh I just picked up a vampire from school!
#kindergartenrocks #readyforhalloween

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

32 years young

Welp I turned another year older on September 5th.  32 years young!!!  Last year I was pregnant with Layla so we didn't do much celebrating - in fact we didn't even do the traditional family dinner:(  This year I was on a mission to make up for last years loss.  Mission accomplished!! It was a whole 3 days of celebrating!  On Thursday my "real" birthday my momma sent me gorgeous flowers and we went to lunch at the bakery together.  Then after work I met up with a bunch of girlfriends (Lindsey, Danita, Maddi, Jill, Patty, Nicole and Libby) for drinks and girl talk at the Mexican restaurant.  We had SO much fun!!  I was long overdue for a girls night.  It was great...until...who ordered those birthday shots???  AND who didn't take their shot so made ME take two???!!  JILL!!!!  Payback is coming:) Friday night the whole family went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant in Airway Heights and I was spoiled by everyone!  And Saturday Clay and I went to Spokane, just the two of us for shopping, dinner and a night out at the Davenport Towers!  We had a really good time just the two of us.  It was cut short by two littles that missed us on Sunday morning but we missed them too so we didn't mind.  Thanks to all of my friends and family that helped make this birthday a FABULOUS one!!


 Holy moly RED FACE!!  HAHA these pics are terrible but make me laugh!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Fair time!

Usually we take a day off to enjoy the Fair, but since Chloe is in school now we can't do that:(  This year Clay and I both got off work early on Thursday and headed to the fair after Chloe got out of school.  Despite being super hot we had a great time as always.
First Chloe wanted to get her face painted since we missed doing that at Pioneer Days AND our local fair.

 Next we went to the petting zoo.  Chloe loved feeding the goats even though she wouldn't get "too" close to them;)  And Layla loved seeing the watching the animals too!

 This cracks me up - looks like Layla is thinking "hey whatcha doing?!"

After we saw all of the animals it was time for some rides!  Chloe did the GIANT SLIDE first.

 Daddy and Layla checked out some farm equipment and then rested in the shade while Chloe rode the rides.

Can you believe we didn't even take in any fair food this year?!  By the time we were done walking around and doing all of the rides we were so hot!  Layla was ready for dinner and Chloe was tired so we went to one of our fav restaurants on the way home...The Rusty Moose!  Layla enjoyed some mashed potatoes and we all enjoyed the air conditioning and family dinner out:)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

8 Months!

Layla is 8 months now!!  She is a busy girl crawling everywhere trying to keep up with big sister! As you can see in the first picture she is already trying to escape the chair.  It is getting harder to get our monthly pictures!!  With a little help from Chloe I managed to get a couple though.  This month she started walking with the activity walker so we are thinking she is going to be walking unassisted soon!  Here are a few more things she has been up to this month...
- still no signs of teeth
- usually takes 3 short naps
- loves being outside
 - eats all 2nd foods and especially loves oatmeal for breakfast
- does not like bananas
 - is eating "real" green beans and is doing great with finger foods
- Gerber puffs are a must have
- giggles often and is overall a very happy girl
- falls asleep most times in the car seat on longer rides
 - gives hugs and pats mommy's back
- loves books
- still takes reflux medicine and still spits up a lot but it doesn't seem to bother her
- loves her family and we LOVE HER!! 
Happy 8 Months Baby Girl!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Layla's first day

Layla had her first day with Joan, Chloe's preschool teacher, on Tuesday.  I had asked her about a month ago if she knew of anyone that could watch Layla 1 day a week and she offered - we were THRILLED!!  My mom was hoping to do it but it is just too much for her right now:(  I know Joan will take such good care of our little sweetheart and I couldn't be happier about it!  Chloe had her special day with Sherry and now Layla will have her special day with Joan - PERFECT! 
Her first day was a bit of an adjustment as she is so used to just sleeping in her crib.  She skipped her first nap and the second nap was cut short.  Oh well, l I know she will adjust quickly and come to love going there!  Joan is SO wonderful she even had Layla make me her FIRST artwork.  AND she took a picture of her from her first day:) 

First day!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Instagrams in August

Beautiful morning for a walk AND a nap!

Another Saturday morning walk! The babies are in their strollers and ready to go;)

HAPPY Friday!!!

SO excited to go harvesting with daddy!

Fun afternoon at the pool with our fav Carstensen family!! The best part was when these two saw each other, ran fast, and gave the biggest hug!

School shopping with my Chloe Kay ~ my little fashionista.

Good day to fly a kite! kiwicrate is so much fun!!

This is how I feel about my baby girl starting Kindergarten next week:( #throwbackthursday

One of my water babies!

My other water baby! Last days of summer!

First day of Kindergarten!!

Putting those cheeks to good use ~ stuffing them FULL of cooked garden carrots! YUM-YUM!