Tuesday, September 10, 2013

8 Months!

Layla is 8 months now!!  She is a busy girl crawling everywhere trying to keep up with big sister! As you can see in the first picture she is already trying to escape the chair.  It is getting harder to get our monthly pictures!!  With a little help from Chloe I managed to get a couple though.  This month she started walking with the activity walker so we are thinking she is going to be walking unassisted soon!  Here are a few more things she has been up to this month...
- still no signs of teeth
- usually takes 3 short naps
- loves being outside
 - eats all 2nd foods and especially loves oatmeal for breakfast
- does not like bananas
 - is eating "real" green beans and is doing great with finger foods
- Gerber puffs are a must have
- giggles often and is overall a very happy girl
- falls asleep most times in the car seat on longer rides
 - gives hugs and pats mommy's back
- loves books
- still takes reflux medicine and still spits up a lot but it doesn't seem to bother her
- loves her family and we LOVE HER!! 
Happy 8 Months Baby Girl!!

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  1. So cute! That's amazing that she's getting started on her walking practice. We're still thinking about it over here but not much progress.

    I never answered your question about the back to school pics...I just took the girls easel chalkboard and drew on it using Pinterest ideas. Sorry I didn't tell you about the circus, I'll be sure to mention it next time! Disney on Ice is coming in November!


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