Monday, September 2, 2013

August Photo a Day

Always such a fun summer month - AUGUST!

1. something beginning with N (Naptime)
2. incomplete (continuing on with treatments but had another GOOD scan today!!! My life would not be complete without her.)
3. skyline (it's a weenie roastin' & marshmallow toastin' kind of night)
4. fresh (raspberries from Grandma Sherry's patch - yum)
5. early (this is what happens when a nap is cut short and dinner time rolls around.  Too early for bed??!!)
6. this means a lot to me (un-prompted sister cuddles)
7. a sign (that it has been a long day!! soccer camp + check ups + shots:()
8. peek-a-boo (belly button)
9. 2 o'clock (today, swimming with Izzy)
10. beverage (mastered the straw on sisters cup)
11. I love doing this! (lunch on the patio with this girl. "Mommy you know what's better than this sandwich?? Our family!!")
12. macro (dandelion picked my by Chloe girl for me)
13. fast (baby girl fell fast asleep tonight on the 4wheeler as her and daddy putted around)
14. trash (a custom made trash bag)
15. the best (big sister)

16. cooking (my fav summer side ~ corn on the cob)
17. exercise (walk + a yard sale. Ready with her money but instead scored for free a whole bunch of Tyco Quints. Who remembers??)
18. someone you spoke to today (my favorite little Laylabug)
19. lost (she lost the nap battle in the car)
20. stairs (so glad we don't have stairs cause this girl is EVERYWHERE)
21. slow (slow and steady this girl is walking with her activity walker)
22. a room (the office...once always opened is now always closed to our curious little crawler)
23. Yellow (her favorite at the moment - any flavor of the Gerber puffs)
24. In the background (sheep and goats at the fair)
25. Culture (working on fitting in my fav pair of jeans again)
26. Entrance (to the backyard where she loves to explore)
27. 10 minutes from home (helping daddy drive the semi tonight while checking out the combines)
28. corridor (elementary school hallway by her cubbie for the first day of K)
29. Lucky (to be called momma by these two)
30. cluttered (the corner in the living room of Laylabug's toys)
31. Dangerous (a baby without a diaper on! Safe this time;))

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  1. So cute! Glad to hear your mom is doing well and had a good scan!


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