Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Instagrams in August

Beautiful morning for a walk AND a nap!

Another Saturday morning walk! The babies are in their strollers and ready to go;)

HAPPY Friday!!!

SO excited to go harvesting with daddy!

Fun afternoon at the pool with our fav Carstensen family!! The best part was when these two saw each other, ran fast, and gave the biggest hug!

School shopping with my Chloe Kay ~ my little fashionista.

Good day to fly a kite! kiwicrate is so much fun!!

This is how I feel about my baby girl starting Kindergarten next week:( #throwbackthursday

One of my water babies!

My other water baby! Last days of summer!

First day of Kindergarten!!

Putting those cheeks to good use ~ stuffing them FULL of cooked garden carrots! YUM-YUM!

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  1. Those chubby cheeks kill me! She is too cute! Especially with those huge blue eyes! I hope Chloe enjoyed her first week of Kindergarten!


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