Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pool Party!

Last Sunday Chloe was invited to a pool party at the waterpark.  We had SO much fun and it was the best end to summer before school started this week.  I am definitely keeping this in mind to do for upcoming end of summers or even maybe Chloe's birthday party next year!!
Usually the girls aren't allowed to jump off the diving board - they have to be able to swim the length of the pool without a lifejacket.  BUT since it was a pool party or maybe just because it was the end of summer they let them.  The girls jumped off for almost an hour straight!!

Even Layla was able to get in with her floatie, which they also don't usually allow.  Daddy forgot her swimsuit so she swam in her shirt.  She didn't seem to mind:)

Chloe pushing little sister around.

The three girls - Chloe, Addie and Sawyer swimming with Layla

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  1. Fun! I was thinking I have many pool parties in my future with Peanut's birthday being in August! That's one of the best things about having a summer birthday!


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