Saturday, September 28, 2013

September in Instagrams

Our September in Instagrams...
Bath time!

This is a video on instagram...she learned to ride her bike without training wheels! 
YAY Chloe!!

C was soooo excited to ride the bus for the first time this morning.  We were waiting for it since 7am;)  She now rides the bus every morning and loves it!

A couple books, a few songs and two tuckered girls out before 8pm.

How we roll at the fair.

Chicken nugget lunch date at the school cafeteria with our girl!

Already getting love notes on the bus...awww.

Our new addition...Maggie!!  Chloe is in LOVE:)

Sunday afternoon snooze.

Sweet Maggie girl.

Ahhhhh I just picked up a vampire from school!
#kindergartenrocks #readyforhalloween

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  1. Aww, so cute! Layla is getting so big and that is awesome that Chloe is brave enough to ride the bus! What a sweet independent girl!!


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