Friday, October 4, 2013

9 Months

Look who turned 9 months...
It is getting harder and harder to get a monthly picture of our busy little Layla!!  She is quite the mover these days!  Although she is not walking yet I predict she will by the end of this month!  Here's what else she has been up to in the last month...
Goes to bed at 7pm each night and sleeps 10-11 hours straight.
Takes 2 naps a day.
Is not interested at all in baby food and wants to eat "real" food.
Still has no teeth - I don't even feel bumps yet.
FIRST WORD - MA MA MAMA and is saying it  ALOT throughout the day:)
Loves being outside with daddy and loves playing and following sister around.
Is such a happy girl! 
Pulls her hair when tired.
Shakes her head no no no when she doesn't want something.
I quit breastfeeding her this month:(  It was such a hard decision for me but finally I realized it was the best thing to do since I was hardly producing any milk and it was really messing up naps and bedtime.  As sad as I was to quit I was still proud of our progress with me being back to work fulltime.  Plus I was able to do it twice as long as I did it with Chloe, which is a whole other story! 

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  1. She's getting so big! Sorry you had to stop nursing but good job making it this far while working! I'm impressed with her nearly walking already! We still aren't attempting it over here. :)


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